White Diamond LED Vanity Travel Case


Be prepared anywhere you go with this makeup suitcase. This suitcase vanity allows ease of travel for the beauty enthusiast on the go. Take your glam essentials on that getaway, whether it’s near or far because this travel vanity has got you covered! Built with a sturdy frame to withstand rough travel conditions, it creates an impenetrable fortress for your valuable makeup tools. Bright LED bulbs are there to illuminate even the most dire of makeup meltdowns.

This portable vanity includes the following features:

  • Aluminum frame case + ABS
  • 12V Energy-efficient LED bulbs to better conserve energy, enabling the travel vanity to last longer and protect your cosmetics from heat. (Includes 1pc additional for replacement)
  • Dimmer: this is the blue button built into the screen. Press once to turn on/off the lights. Continue pressing to adjust the brightness of the lights.
  • Black EVA adjustable dividers – Configure this any way you like! Enjoy plenty of storage with this makeup case with lights.
  • USB and power outlets allows you to charge your phone or plug in any beauty appliances – ULTRA HANDY!
    It can be matched with any variety of makeup chairs .
  • The legs are adjustable and stored inside the makeup suitcase.
  • All this in one GLAM travel makeup vanity on 4 Detachable 360°wheels, making it easy to transport
  • UL approved USA power cable in length of 1.8M.
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