Frameless XL Hollywood Vanity Mirror


Freedah Luxury  has redesigned a timeless classic with the Frameless XL Hollywood Vanity Mirror. Equipped with a glamorous, modern look that encapsulates old Hollywood, no beauty enthusiast can resist! This extravagant mirror holds a functional form that’s durable, provides excellent lighting and superior clarity for years to come. Ever wondered why these Hollywood vanity mirrors are still used today by makeup artists? Time has proved to be a factor that leaves these mirrors unfazed as they provide the best illumination for situations where light is scarce. This Hollywood vanity mirror with lights will ensure a smooth and uniform makeup application each and every time.

This frameless Hollywood makeup mirror includes the following features:

  • This Hollywood vanity mirror with lights boasts a beautiful and classic frameless design
  • Sensitive touch switch
    (one touch switch to adjust the brightness and to turn on/off, white color indicates when on, blue indicates when off)
  • Bluetooth Sound System (with touch screen functions to Play/Pause/Change songs)
    1. Press the left button to return to the previous song – Hold down to reduce the volume.
    2. Press the middle button to pause or resume playing.
    3. Press the right button to skip to the next song – Hold down to increase volume. Other don’t have such control buttons and functions.
  • Light aluminum body with detachable MDF base and hanging holes (this Hollywood vanity model can be wall mounted or used on a table top.)
  • 13 pcs Custom-made XL 80mm 5000K, energy-efficient bulbs for impeccable lighting (includes 1pc additional replacement).
  • Dual power outlets & USB ports for hair tools and charging your phone
  • UL approved USA power cable in length of 2.3M.

Mirror size: H29.52”xW19.68”

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