Setting up your new vanity and putting all of your makeup in place is a great feeling. But after some time, it’s easy for it to become disorganized. Giving all of your brushes, lipsticks, foundation, and other makeup their own place makes the area much more manageable and prevents any stains from appearing. Freedah Luxury recommends makeup vanity organizers to help you get the job done. Here are our top 10 makeup organizer ideas!

MelodySusie Makeup Organizer

With 24 compartments and three separate storage sections, this large makeup organizer is for those with an elaborate collection. The organizer is clear, sturdy, and spacious. You wouldn’t think that you’d be excited about a simple makeup vanity organizer, but with MelodySusie, you’ll be surprised by how much more fun it becomes to do your makeup routine.

Songmics Professional Cosmetic Organizer

Whether or not you’re a professional makeup artist, this beauty organizer will sure make you feel like one! There’s a lot of storage space and compartments that easily slide in and out, but they’ll all be protected by the sturdy aluminum walls.


makeup vanity organizer

Jerrybox Makeup Organizer 360 Degree Rotation

If you’re one of those people who doesn’t linger too long on your makeup routine but still boasts a large collection, you’ll love this Jerrybox makeup vanity organizer. The rotating feature allows you to easily find all your favorite items and keeps them safe too! At only $13, it’s well worth the price.

DreamGenius 360-Degree Rotating Acrylic Makeup Organizer

Similar to the Jerrybox rotating organizer, this large makeup organizer gives you quick access to all your essentials. It’s slightly better quality than the latter, made with more durable and manageable material. This product is unique because it allows you to adjust and change a bunch of different layers, allowing you to shape your organizer to fit your items.

acrylic makeup organizer

byAlegory Triple-Tiered Premium Acrylic Lipstick Organizer

If you’re like us and have lipstick for every occasion, you’re going to want this acrylic lipstick organizer. This beauty organizer is clear, so you can easily see the written names and colors of all your favorite items without having to pull each of them out. You’ll also find a convenient pocket in the back that you can use for extra storage and rubber lining on the bottom that prevents it from sliding around.

GoBam Bamboo Desktop Organizer

If you’re looking to class things up a bit, take a peek at this GoBam bamboo makeup organizer. Not only is it visually stunning, but it is also environmentally-friendly and waterproof! What more could you want?

Sorbus Cosmetics Makeup and Jewelry Big Storage Case

The biggest and most elaborate of all of our recommendations is the Sorbus storage case. Five levels of spacious and functional sections let you store all of your jewelry and makeup in the most fashionable way possible. Step your vanity mirror area up a notch and start your days off right with this large makeup organizer!

Both vanity tables and makeup organizers are an important form of self-care. Keeping your possessions and area clean helps you keep an organized and relaxed mind. Let Freedah Luxury help you reach your fullest self-care and beauty potential!