Is your vanity mirror in need of an upgrade? There are tons of different styles of modern vanity mirrors for you to choose from, but which one is right for you? That’s where we come in! We’ll help you determine which contemporary vanity mirror fits your personality, your needs, and your decorative style.

Backlit Glow

When people think of a modern vanity mirror, they tend to think of a frameless, backlit mirror. This contemporary style is perfect if you’re looking to take your bathroom from old school drab to high class fab!

When it comes to finding the perfect backlit mirror, there are a couple things to consider. First, backlit mirrors can come in a variety of different styles – one where the light illuminates from behind the mirror and then another where the light is still coming from the back but it shows through etched sections on the front of the mirror.

Another thing to consider when shopping for backlit mirrors is size. You want to be sure that you’re leaving enough space surrounding the mirror for the light to properly illuminate. Keep this in mind as you’re shopping as well as when you’re installing.

hollywood vanity mirror

Vintage But Make it Modern

For a modern vanity mirror with lights, you can’t go wrong with a Hollywood vanity mirror. While going with a Hollywood mirror might feel more vintage, there are tons of ways to make it modern!

In order to take your vintage mirror and give it a contemporary spin, it all comes down to styling. Go for simplistic accent pieces that leave the Hollywood mirror as the star rather than trying to compete for the spotlight. If you do go with a pop of color, keep it limited to one or two pieces rather than having everything be bright and wild. If all else fails, keep it simple in order to keep it chic.

All Gold Everything

For a fancy vanity mirror that serves as a statement piece, it’s time to go for the gold! Choose a framed mirror that is outlined with a luxe, ornate frame. Rather than a pop of gold, instead go for all gold everything.

Are you the extravagant, outgoing type that wants a lavish vanity that will stand out from all your other bedroom or bathroom furniture? Then, an ornate gold framed vanity mirror is perfect for you. Not only will it stand out as a statement piece, but it will also help you to feel like a queen everyday as you apply your makeup.

Going Out on a Ledge

If you’re interested in a modern powder room mirror that is simple, clean, and minimalistic, then a ledge mirror is the perfect choice for you. A ledge mirror has, as the name suggests, a ledge on the bottom of the mirror that allows you to store bathroom items or decor.

This is especially useful if you don’t have much counter space around your sink, giving you another spot to house your items in a clean and efficient way. Ledge mirrors are an incredible way to marry modern and classic with clean and functional.

Whether you want something fancy and ornate or classic and functional, there’s a modern mirror just for you. Now that you know your contemporary vanity mirror style, it’s time to start shopping! Check out our selection of modern vanity mirrors to find the perfect mirror for you!