We’ve all been there. Seen it. Done that. The terror of unlatching your makeup travel case only to find the contents inside in shambles or splayed everywhere with no rhyme or reason. It’s gut wrenching for any makeup lover and soul crushing if these are tools in your line of work (we’re looking at you makeup artists). This is why organizing your makeup train case is so important. Save yourself some time and heartache by enlightening yourself with these helpful tips.

How to organize your Makeup Travel Case

First things first. If you’re reading this and you’re unsure of what exactly a makeup travel case is then consider checking out Freedah Luxury’s line of makeup travel cases for trendy and modern options.

There are various methods in which you can approach this task of organizing your makeup train case. The most straightforward being the option of sorting your beauty tools by usage or color palate combinations.

If you’ve chosen to sort your tools by usage, then this offers you time-saving advantages. Take a good look at the contents and consider organizing your cosmetic tools in reverse order of use. This action will save you time during application, allowing you to arrange beginning with the lip products and ending with base products. This method of organizing your cosmetics, when it comes time to apply makeup, will give you easy access to your foundations and concealers and the finally, the items in the back that would be applied last as finishing touches.

Another option is to organize your makeup case by colorway. This method however would be better suited for those with larger travel makeup cases—or just an overzealous makeup enthusiast! Organizing by color combinations would allow you to store makeup palattes that mesh well together along with foundations and concealers. You’ll be able to locate and use the beauty tools with ease!

How to Organize Your Makeup Travel Case for Storage

Sorting out your cosmetics travel case when it’s not in use is similar to the basic organization method we’ve discussed above, yet there are a couple of tips in this department that can give you the most value for the money.

Clear organization storage containers can be ideal to keep your cosmetics isolated into specific categories. While putting away your case, you will need to ensure that there is minimal possibility that the cosmetic items will bump and break, and these helpful cases can do that.

The best method to approach this is to ensure that your makeup travel case is prepared is to carry only the basics. This will make it simpler to keep sorted out. In conclusion, it is imperative that you store your brushes either in a different case or in their own individual compartment inside your cosmetics train case. This will keep them from gathering any makeup particles that might be lying near.

Keeping your makeup carrier tidy and organized will not only save you precious time but money as well! The benefits far outweigh the trouble of rearranging the contents of your bag. With a neatly organized makeup travel case, you’ll be able to prevent lids from cracking and palettes from breaking apart which will only save you from the financial burden of replacing your precious supplies. The biggest upside to all this? You won’t have to worry about cleaning up because you’ve already got that covered from the start just like a real pro.