When it comes to buying a Valentine’s Day gift for the woman in your life, it can often be difficult to find something memorable, unique, and fit for your special someone. And coming up with Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her is even harder!

If you’re struggling to think of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for her, then you’ve come to the right place. Below is our list of the 15 best Valentine’s Day gifts for her that your wife, girlfriend, or any other woman in your life will love. Whether she loves to be the hostess or prefers a night in, there’s a Valentine’s Day gift for her that she’s sure to love. If she loves luxurious gifts or tends to like more practical items, you’ll find the perfect Valentine’s ideas for her below. Read on to find that perfect gift that she will surely  cherish for years to come!

1. Preserved Roses

One of the most common Valentine gift ideas for her is flowers, but there are ways to make this gift special and unique. Instead of going with the usual bouquet of flowers that end up in the trash after a week, give the gift of preserved roses to show that your love can stand the test of time. Unlike typical flowers, preserved roses last up to 3 years, giving your special lady the opportunity to enjoy the flowers day after day.

2. Personalized Puzzle

When it comes to Valentine’s gifts for her, you really can’t go wrong with a photo gift. A unique way of memorializing a specific moment in time is by turning a photo into a puzzle. This is a unique gift that will remind her of a beautiful memory that you guys have shared, and it’s a fun activity you two can do together!

3. Destination Candle

Since travel has been tougher recently, you and the woman in your life may be missing out on the wonderful places you’ve visited in the past. While it may not be possible to revisit your favorite destination right now, you may be able to find a candle that has a scent that is reminiscent of that location. This Valentine’s Day gift for your girlfriend is a great way to relive your favorite vacation memories without having to go anywhere!

4. Luxurious Robe

One gift that is a constant on the Valentine’s Day ideas for her list is a warm and fluffy robe. Any woman can attest to the fact that there is simply nothing better than finishing off a nice bubble bath by putting on a luxurious robe. Help her feel pampered and relaxed with a high quality, plush robe.

5. Initial Necklace

A really great option for a Valentine’s Day gift for your wife is jewelry. This year, go with something personalized like an initial necklace. You can choose the initial of her first name. Or if she is a mom, you may want to go with the initials of her kids’ names. Either way, this personalized necklace will be a piece of jewelry that she cherishes for years to come.

6. Makeup Vanity

What better way to show your girlfriend or wife your love than by giving her something she will actually use? If the woman in your life is putting on her makeup in poor lighting or a low quality mirror, then she definitely deserves an upgrade! Choose from our wide array of makeup vanity mirrors for a unique Valentine’s Day gift for her that she will appreciate and use everyday!

7. Custom-made Charcuterie Board

If you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day gift for your wife, a custom-made charcuterie board may be the perfect gift if your wife loves to be the hostess. There’s no better way for her to impress her guests than by displaying appetizers and treats on a board that only she has. Plus, a personalized gift really shows that you care and took the effort to find something you knew she would love.

8. Bath Bomb

As we mentioned above, one item at the top of the list of Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her is a fluffy rub. And what goes better with a robe than a bubble bath? Give the woman in your life the gift of relaxation with a fancy bath bomb that she can use for a luxurious soak in the tub. A bath bomb will help to take her bubble bath experience up a notch and make her feel like she’s having a relaxing day at the spa.

9.Weighted Blanket

If you’re looking for a Valentine’s gift idea for her that she may not think of to get herself, then a weighted blanket is a really great option. They can be a great way to help reduce anxiety, promote sleep, and create a sense of overall relaxation. So not only are you giving her a gift she may not have known she wanted, but you’re also giving her the much needed gift of relaxation.

10. Date Box Subscription

An amazing Valentine’s Day gift for your girlfriend is a date night subscription box. Depending on the subscription you choose, you will be sent a variety of different ideas that help you to spice up your date night. If you find yourself always going on the same dates week after week, this may be the perfect gift for you and your girlfriend!

Now that we’ve gone through the list of top Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her, it’s time to get shopping! The lucky lady in your life will be so grateful for the unique and thoughtful gift. And if all else fails, a handwritten card is always appreciated. Happy Valentine’s Day!

11. Crystal Vase

If you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day gift for her that will last all year (and even longer), look for a beautiful crystal vase. That way, anytime you buy the woman in your life flowers, she’ll have a gorgeous and meaningful way to display them. It’s a practical gift that is also one she’ll be able to love for years to come.

12. Silk Pillowcase

Here’s a Valentine’s idea for her that she might not even know she wants or needs! Silk pillowcases offer a ton of incredible benefits, on top of looking and feeling super luxurious. By sleeping on a silk pillowcase, she will quickly see how it helps to smooth her hair. It is also beneficial for protecting her skin as well. She may not know she wants one, but she’ll be so grateful once she starts using it!

13. Perfume Set

If the woman in your life is known for having a signature scent, she’s likely a perfume connoisseur. And what better Valentine’s Day gift idea for her than a new perfume set for her to try? If you’re having trouble deciding what perfume she might like, take note of which perfume she normally wears, and then head to Sephora to get help from an associate. They’ll be able to help you find a corresponding scent based on what she typically wears.

14. Pearl Earrings

While diamond jewelry might be synonymous with Valentine’s Day, why not do something a little different this year? If you’re looking for jewelry Valentine’s gift ideas for her, then gift her a pair of pearl earrings. There are so many different designs and styles you can choose from, and no matter what you decide on, she’s sure to love them!

15. Artisan Chocolates

One of the most classic Valentine’s Day gifts for her is a box of chocolates. And while there’s nothing wrong with sticking to tradition, try to amp it up a bit this year. Instead of shopping at the grocery store, buy a box of handcrafted chocolates from a local artisan. She will appreciate the extra thought you put into finding these luxury chocolate, plus it’s something that the two of you can indulge in together!