When it comes to building a makeup kit, sometimes less is more. Instead of throwing every possible makeup product and tool into your bag, it’s important to strategically choose the ones that are going to be used most often. So how do you decide what to include in your makeup kit? Leave it to the experts!

We’ve compiled a list of the top makeup products used by makeup artists. These makeup artist must haves are essential to any complete makeup kit, so read on to find out if you’re already prepped and ready or if you’ve got some shopping to do!


So if you’re wondering what do professional makeup artists use when it comes to essential products, it can really vary between artists. Most makeup artists tend to have their absolute faves that they never stray from. However, their go-to product or brand will differ depending on the circumstances (awards show vs. photoshoot), the look (dewey and fresh vs. dark and dramatic), the client’s skin (dry and tired vs. oily and acne-prone), etc. While there isn’t one product for each category that all makeup professionals can agree on, here are some top picks.


When it comes to foundation, there are a couple different types to choose from: full-coverage, powder, and a tinted SPF. Which type you choose really depends on you and the look you’re going for, but if you’re interested in finding an instant fave in each category, here’s what you should check out.


When looking for professional makeup artists favorite products, concealers are always a topic of debate. There are so many amazing products out there, but they also range pretty widely in price. In order to find one that meets your needs while staying in budget, check out these options for different price points.


Mascara is a product that tends to have a cult following. Once a makeup artist finds one that really checks all the boxes on their list, they’re likely to be a customer for life. While most professionals do have an all time fave, they also have a couple other mascaras in their kit that accomplish different types of looks. Check out these favorite professional makeup artist products when it comes to mascara.


The last round of makeup artist must haves is lipstick! What you’re looking for in a lipstick is going to range drastically depending on what look you’re going for. You may be most interested in color or you may prefer to find the longest lasting formula. Either way, this list from professional makeup artists will contain the perfect lipstick for you.

  • Moisturizing: Laura Mercier Lip Parfait Creamy Colourbalm Lipstick – if you hate the feeling of dry, chapped lips a couple hours after applying lipstick, then look no further. With moisture and shine, this will keep your lips feeling nice and moisturized the entire night.
  • Long-lasting: Smashbox Always On Cream to Matte Lipstick – this matte lipstick is going to stay put for 12 hours without feathering. You can be sure your lipstick will not transfer or smear all day long.
  • Rich Color: Dior Addict Stellar Shine – if you’re looking for bright, bold colors that have so much pigment that you know exactly how they’ll look on your lips, then this is the perfect lipstick for you. 

Now that you’ve got a list of the top products that professional makeup artists recommend, it’s time to ensure your makeup station is set up like a professional too. Do you have a good quality mirror? Is your lighting up to par? We can help you make sure that not only your products are professional. Check out our line of Hollywood vanity mirrors for the perfect combination of mirror and lighting quality.