As you head off on your summer holiday, the last thing you’re going to leave behind is your makeup. Let’s be honest, your makeup looks are just as important as your outfits, if not more! But you’ve seen how your baggage can be handled when you check your luggage, and sometimes it’s not ideal. So how do you keep your makeup safe and protected while traveling? 

Plus, let’s not forget that hotel bathrooms are often not well lit, and good lighting is the key to a proper makeup application. So you need something that will protect your makeup but also provide perfect lighting from every angle – enter Freedah Luxury’s line of makeup travel cases! We’ve got a range of makeup vanity travel cases that will provide you the perfect vessel to safely transport your makeup to any destination.

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LED Vanity Travel Case

The LED Vanity Travel Case has a sturdy aluminum case that provides a strong yet lightweight barrier to protect your makeup during your travels. Within the travel case you’ll also find a built-in accessory organizer that will keep your brushes and tools in place and safe.

In addition to the protection features that the LED Vanity Travel Case provides, you’ll be so excited to see the quality of the mirror. The angle of the mirror can be adjusted to the ideal height. Additionally, it is framed by four 12V 3W energy-efficient LED bulbs that will not only provide a halo of light but they also are incredibly long lasting.

The LED Vanity Travel Case comes in three gorgeous glittery designs – all black glitter, rose gold with black glitter, and all rose gold glitter. Whatever your aesthetic, there’s a color that is perfect for you!

Small Diamond Series LED Vanity Suitcase

If you’re looking for a statement piece, then this is it! The Diamond Series is the epitome of luxury. Similar to the LED Vanity Travel Case, the Small Diamond Series Case has a sturdy aluminum case that encompasses a quality mirror and long lasting LED bulbs.

The Small Diamond Series Case also contains an accessory organizer. The organizer contains adjustable dividers that you can configure any way you would like to make sure it perfectly fits your brushes, tools, and whatever else you need to pack. You can be sure that your makeup will be securely stored no matter how long it takes to get to your destination.

If you’re always dripping in diamonds and you want your makeup to be too, then there are four different Small Diamond Series Cases to choose from – black diamond, white diamond, rose gold diamond, and all black diamond. Make sure your makeup is luxuriously stored and your lighting is always bright with the Small Diamond Series LED Vanity Suitcase.

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White Diamond LED Vanity Travel Case

Are you traveling with your makeup for work? Will you need a high-tech, easy-to-set-up makeup station once you arrive at your destination? If so, then the White Diamond LED Vanity Travel Case is for you!

In addition to being the perfect space to safely and securely pack your makeup and tools, it also comes with USB and power outlets built right in! That way, you can easily plug in whatever tools you’ll be using without having to search for outlets way across the room.

The White Diamond LED Vanity Travel Case also makes travel even easier by coming with four 360 degree wheels. These built-in wheels make travel a breeze since you can easily roll your makeup through the airport. If you want a deluxe look while also getting all the super helpful bells and whistles, then this vanity travel case is for you.

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LED Travel Makeup Case

When it comes to glamour, this travel makeup case has it all. And yet this case isn’t lacking in function either. In fact, the LED Travel Makeup Case has everything you need to safely transport your makeup and tools and provides the ideal station for perfect makeup application once you get there. 

Similar to the White Diamond case, the LED Travel Makeup Case is equipped with built-in USB and power outlets as well as removable 360 degree wheels. You can also turn your travel case into the perfect makeup vanity setup with the four adjustable legs that are stored within the vanity case.

If you also will be doing hair, the LED Travel Makeup Case comes with a hairstyling station with an extendable handle. This is the perfect spot for hot hair tools to heat up and be easily accessible. So if you’re in the hair and makeup game, this is the ideal travel case for you to get all your makeup and tools to your next gig safely and securely! No matter where you’re going and what you’ll be doing at your destination, you can be sure that our Freedah Luxury travel makeup cases will keep all your products protected during your next trip!