If you’re stumped on what to get for the makeup enthusiast in your life, then you’ve come to the right place! Sometimes, finding the right gift for someone can feel like the most difficult task in the world. This can be especially challenging if you’re unfamiliar or out of touch with the vast world of beauty and cosmetics. Whether you’re a novice or simply looking for the latest and newest products on the market, we’ve got you covered. We’ve scoured the beauty aisles for the best of the best in 2021 to present you with only the most loved items of the year on one neat silver platter. So, if this friend of yours is a makeup lover, sit tight because Freedah Luxury has created the ultimate list for the best gifts ranging from a low to high price point. Let’s get going!

Maybelline New York Lash Sensational Sky High Mascara

For those of you who know, then you definitely know why this drugstore mascara deserves a spot on our list. Maybelline’s New York’s Lash Sensational Sky High Mascara has been tagged in millions of TikTok videos, lending to its famed viral status. This mascara has made appearances all over makeup editorials in 2021, even taking home a few accolades, and for good reason! With its buildable formula, it does what you always wish a great mascara would do, it lengthens and stretches away from your face as you layer more on. It has phenomenal staying power while being easy to wash off. 

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Cream

Similar to its Gloss Bomb Lip Gloss predecessor, the formula is non-sticky and glides over lips effortlessly. While the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Cream doesn’t contain shimmer, this gloss is packed with pigment along with shine. With a single swipe of this on your lips, you’ve already got medium coverage. How’s that for a lip gloss? Due to its pigmented nature and more viscous formula, reviews have claimed the Gloss Bomb Cream to be quire long-wearing. Not only that but it feels like butter on the lips. How can you go wrong with a great lip gloss?

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look in a Palette

The Charlotte Tillbury Instant look is everything you need in one beautifully curated palette. It’s useful on-the-go and for traveling because it has a pan containing seven shades for both your eyes, cheeks and complexion. There’s also a large mirror built-in so you can get a complete look wherever you go. It’s a must-have all-in-one package for any makeup lover.

Freedah Luxury Makeup Mirror

You can’t go wrong with this sleek and modern makeup mirror by Freedah Luxury. It’s small and compact enough to fit on any vanity, but large enough to frame any face. This makeup mirror is built to swivel and tilt a full 360° for all those hard to see angles. So, go ahead and include that tiny dash of glitter on the corner of your eye because now you can do it with ease using this mirror. Not only that, but this LED mirror features adjustable lighting, a digital clock, USB port and get this-even a Bluetooth speaker. Use any smartphone or Bluetooth compatible device and you can rock out to your own music while you take your makeup look to the next level.

RevitaLash Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner

This award-winning eyebrow serum has been raved over by many reviewers for creating fuller-looking eyebrows. The Revitalash Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner is made with peptides and biotin, which are proven ingredients for strong, healthy hair. Not only that but reviewers have claimed to see visibly fuller and less brittle brows in as little as four weeks. If you’ve got healthier areas on your brows, this eyebrow serum will even make the hair even longer and darker. Need fuller lashes? Get the much-loved eyebrow serum for the beauty connoisseur in your life now.

Freedah Luxury Vanity Travel Case

Are you often out and about, getting on and off of flights, but feeling as if something’s amiss, like the luxury of sitting down to put on your best face? Get ready to have your mind blown with this portable vanity travel case by Freedah Luxury. Never worry about your beauty accessories getting thrown around and damaged with its built-in tool organizer. This sturdy travel vanity features dimming lights, USB and power outlets to charge your phone or to plug in beauty devices. Here’s the suitcase travel vanity if you’re looking for an even more travel-friendly version, which has detachable wheels and adjustable legs which can be stored right inside of the case itself. It’s the perfect gift for any makeup enthusiast!

SmoothSkin Pure IPL Hair Removal Laser

This handy device slows down hair growth using powerful IPL technology to help you experience smooth, hair-free skin for even longer. The SmoothSkin Pure IPL Hair Removal Laser is designed to stunt one’s hair cycle and reduce hair growth. In just 10 minutes, you can complete a whole body treatment. It features built-in sensors that scan your skin in order to safely adjust the light intensity depending on your skin tone. You can use this hair removal laser limitlessly, so no more prickly underarms ever again!

Now that you’ve got the run-down on our top picks of the year, take your pick and gift the beauty and makeup lover in your life with something they’d love and cherish. You can’t go wrong with these amazing products which are sure to transform anyone’s beauty game.