Picture this – your makeup vanity is spotless. Each brush and palette is perfectly placed in its own spot. There isn’t any excess powder strewn about or carelessly wiped up liquid foundation. Your makeup vanity looks pristine. 

Seem too good to be true? It’s not! A clean vanity with organized makeup is within reach! Just follow these simple instructions on how to clean a vanity, and you’ll see firsthand just how easy it is to have an orderly space free of spilled or excess makeup.

Step 1: Wipe Down Your Products

Before you turn your attention to the vanity, you have to move all your makeup out of the way. And there’s no sense in putting away products that are dirty. That will just make your drawers and other containers dirty. 

It’s time to clean your products. This is really just a way to practice good hygiene anyway. Plus, clean products will make your skin happier too. 

Take a mild cleansing wipe and gently wipe the surfaces of your products. Be sure to remove any caked on or dried up makeup, which may take additional cleaning products to fully remove.

Now that your makeup is clean, it’s time to put your products away and clear off your vanity.

Step 2: Organize Your Makeup

Every product in your makeup arsenal deserves its own home. Once your makeup products are spotless, designate a specific spot for each one to be housed. Then, every time you use a product, make sure to return it to that spot so you can stay organized as you go. Easier said than done, right?

If organization is something you struggle with, or you just have one drawer that ends up being a pile of products, there are a variety of makeup organizers you can use to arrange your makeup in a clean and organized way.

However you choose to organize your makeup, just remember that the best way to keep your vanity clean is to have your makeup put away in an organized fashion.

Step 3: How to Clean Your Vanity Top

Now that your makeup is cleaned and put away, it’s time to tackle your vanity. There are a variety of different vanity tops, and each one should be cleaned in a slightly different way. 

How to Clean a Cultured Marble Vanity

Not sure how to clean your marble vanity? Well look no further – we’re here to help! The most important thing to remember when cleaning your marble vanity is to clean frequently. Soap scum, hard water buildup, and makeup stains can soak into the marble if left for long periods of time, so regular cleaning is a must.

Avoid using abrasive cleaners when cleaning your marble vanity. Be sure you’re not using anything that could damage the surface of your vanity, like steel wool or sometimes even the rough side of a sponge if it’s tough enough. 

Any gentle cleaning solution should work well. Better yet, find a cleaning product that is specifically made for marble surfaces to get the best clean and keep your vanity looking as good as new.

How to Clean a White Vanity

White vanities are very popular, and yet they have one major flaw – they stain so easily. Similar to a marble vanity, regular cleaning of your white vanity is essential. This prevents stains from building up and sinking in.

Depending on the material your white vanity is made out of, certain products will be better than others. Regardless of the type of surface, though, you’ll again want to find a mild cleanser. Anything that is too abrasive could remove some of the sealant on your vanity and ultimately allow for stains to set more quickly and easily.

Prevent the erosion of the sealant and onset of stains by cleaning your vanity frequently.

Step 4: Repeat Regularly

Once you’ve cleaned and organized your makeup and vanity, it’s important to remember this process isn’t over. Try to repeat the cleaning process regularly. 

What happens if you’ve got a stain that has set in and can’t be removed? The cleaning process might be over, and it may be time for a new vanity. Check out our selection of Hollywood vanity mirrors and find the exact vanity you need to make your makeup application experience better than ever.