Got a trip on the horizon but not sure how you’re going to be able to fit all your makeup in your carry-on? The key for how to travel light with makeup is careful planning and preparation. Once you’ve planned ahead, packing light makeup is easy!

If you’re not sure where to get started, follow our list of tips and tricks on how to pack light makeup. You’ll be a packing pro in no time!

Plan Looks in Advance

When it comes to packing light, the key to packing minimal makeup for travel is planning ahead. What events will you be going to? Do you need products for daytime and nighttime looks? What types of outfits are you planning to wear? Answering these questions will help you plan out the looks you will apply while on your trip.

Once you’ve got a general idea of the looks you’ll be going for, now you can start creating a list of products that will be needed for each look. You’ll start to see some overlap between looks – those are products that are a higher priority to pack. 

It’s also important to look for products that you’ll only be using once or twice. How important is it that you bring that product? Could the look be accomplished with another shade that you’ll be using in another look? Try swapping out some single-use items so that the products that you do bring can be used multiple times.

While it can be hard to part with that bold lip color that would create the perfect evening look, sacrifices have to be made when it comes to packing light.

Multi-use Products are Key

Another thing to consider as you’re looking at your list of products is if there are any opportunities to incorporate a multi-use product. For example, your preferred moisturizer may not have any sunscreen. Could you swap it and your separate face sunscreen out for a daily moisturizer that has SPF?

Cheek/lip stain combos are another great multi-use product that can reduce the number of products you need to bring. Products like these help to reduce the amount of products you need to pack without you needing to sacrifice the look you’re going for!

Consider Packaging

When figuring out how to travel light with makeup, one thing that is often overlooked is packaging. Product packaging can contribute to taking up more space than necessary as well as adding additional weight.

As you assess your products and determine which ones you will bring, pay close attention to the size of the packaging. Certain products try to appear bigger unnecessarily even though the product itself is much smaller. Try to choose products with minimal packaging when possible so that you aren’t taking up more room than you need to.

Weight is also an important factor to consider. For example, plastic packaging tends to weigh less than glass (depending on the size). When you’re able to opt for a product that is lighter in weight, it can really reduce the amount that your final carry-on ends up weighing.

Invest in Travel Size

The most costly tip on this list is to invest in travel size products. Typically, you pay more per ounce for a travel size product, but it can be worth it in the end if it saves a ton of space. 

There is also the option to move products to a travel size yourself if a smaller size doesn’t exist or it’s just too expensive. This can be a great option for things like moisturizers and cleansers where you don’t need the full container for your trip. There are a variety of cheap travel size empty containers that are great options if you’re looking to create your own travel size products.

In addition to the travel-sized beauty products mentioned, if you’re considering carrying makeup on your trip, it might pay off to consider bringing along a makeup mirror for flawless application. We recommend a small yet effective portable makeup mirror such as the one by Freedah Luxury, which comes with built-in LEDs in case you’re traveling to a location with limited resources.

When it comes to packing light makeup, planning ahead and making a list of products is key. That way you can reduce your list from there and swap out any products that you’ll only be using once. Follow these tips as you’re packing for your next adventure, and we’re sure you’ll be able to fit everything in while still packing light!