When it comes to applying makeup, there’s more strategy behind it than most people know. For example, the makeup you would use for an everyday look is much different than the products that would be used for a photoshoot. Makeup artists put a lot of effort into planning and choosing which products should be used to create a look, especially when it comes to photoshoots.

If you’re planning out the makeup for a photoshoot outdoors, there are a couple key strategies you’ll want to make sure you use. Read on to see our list of outdoor photoshoot makeup tips that will help you to create the perfect look!

makeup for outdoor photoshoot

Make It Stick

Photoshoots can last hours, even taking up an entire day. Because of that, you need to make sure that the makeup you apply is long-lasting and can stay put all day. There are a couple different products you should make sure to use so that you can be confident the look will survive the full day of shooting.


If you’re looking for the best makeup for outdoor photoshoots, primer should top your list. A high-quality primer will help to prep the skin and create the perfect canvas for applying the desired look. Not only does it create a good foundation, but it also helps to keep your product in place all day long.

Setting Spray

Another important product that will help to keep your look fresh throughout the shoot is setting spray. Once you’re done applying all products and you’ve achieved the final look you’re going for, finish it off with a couple sprays of setting spray. 

Beware of Shine

Products that attract light and produce shine should be used sparingly when applying makeup for outdoor photography. While products like highlighter can be used to draw attention to areas of the face, overuse of anything with shimmer can actually make the model look oily or sweaty. If you do plan to use products that have any glitter or shimmer in them, be strategic with how and where you apply them. 

Protect Against the Elements

Outdoor photoshoots have the added element of sun and weather, which can provide challenges you wouldn’t have with indoor shoots. Always be sure to apply sunscreen – even if it’s a cloudy day, be sure that you use products with SPF and reapply sunscreen throughout the day.

Another factor to consider when looking for the best makeup for outdoor photography is whether or not the products are waterproof. Waterproof makeup is important for all types of weather. If it’s hot, waterproof makeup will stand up to sweat and humidity. It will also protect against rain if that becomes an issue as well.

Pump Up the Color

The last tip to remember when applying makeup for an outdoor photoshoot is that more color is better. While it may not look as natural, the bright colors appear more muted outdoors and help to really make certain features pop in print. When it comes to color, less is not more for outdoor shoots.

Be Prepared with Gear

To make your photoshoot run as smooth as foundation over freshly prepped skin, we recommend bringing a travel makeup case such as this one by Freedah Luxury to easily organize all of your makeup supplies and accessories. This particular vanity travel case includes LEDs and adjustable legs, enabling the case to transform into a small vanity on-the-go, which is perfect when you’re far away from a proper indoor workstation. Photoshoots can take hours and when you’re outdoors, your makeup can be compromised due to the weather and other natural forces. Be ready for those on-the-spot touch-ups by having your gear ready at all times! 

Now that you know the tips and tricks to creating the perfect makeup look for an outdoor photoshoot, you’re ready to tackle any shoot that comes your way! Whether you encounter sun, rain, or anything in between, your look will stand the test of time and look fresh all day long.