With everything that’s happened in 2020, what we would consider as essential makeup products has shifted slightly. For example, what products that are going to make us look the best on a Zoom call? Which makeup and accessories are essential in case of a lockdown? And what are the most essential makeup artist tools to have that get you the most bang for your buck?

While 2020 has been a whirlwind so far, it doesn’t mean that we have stopped our makeup routines! We may have changed things around a bit, but beauty is still a major part of our lives, so it’s not going anywhere. Want to know what we have on our list of makeup essentials in 2020? Read on to find out everything we’ve got in our makeup kits or on our wishlists.

2020 makeup essentials

Camera-Ready Essentials

Whether you’re on a work video call or a Zoom happy hour with friends, the makeup you need is a little different than your normal, everyday look. A camera-ready face can sometimes require a bit more makeup to ensure you don’t look washed out. Contouring and definition are key, so keep that in mind when applying your makeup.

When it comes to creating your best video call look, here are some products and tools to focus on:

  • Contour kit – While you may be used to contouring on the regular, your video call look is going to be a bit more contoured than usual. Defining your features is most effective when using proper contouring techniques, so make sure to study up on the best ways to properly define your features. One thing to keep in mind, don’t go overboard. While a little extra contouring may be needed, be sure to blend properly so you don’t have too stark of a contrast.
  • Highlighter – Make your cheekbones pop with some extra highlighter! Depending on where you’re taking your call, you may not have optimal lighting. Use the light you do have to your advantage by reflecting it off your cheekbones and giving your face the straight-off-the runway look you’re going for.
  • Bold lipstick – Even though you may be used to neutral tones on your lips, your pout can easily get washed out on camera if you don’t add a pop of color. Obviously, you don’t need to go too outside your comfort zone. If you normally don’t wear lipstick or any bright colors, a neon orange lip might not be your best choice. However, take your blush tones up a notch by incorporating some corals or mauves to add a brighter or deeper tone to your lips.

Long Lasting Lockdown Essentials

So you’re not leaving your house and your favorite products are on backorder? Fear not! Some of the most essential makeup products are ones that you can stock up on and will last forever (almost). These products are worth the investment – not only are they essential to your makeup routine, but you’ll also want to continue using them forever and ever:

  • A really good moisturizer – A high quality moisturizer is necessary to have on hand always, but even more important during a pandemic. Stress makes itself known through our skin. Keep your skin happy with the moisturizer it deserves. And once you find that moisturizer that your skin loves, make sure that you always have extra on hand. You never want to be in a situation where you run out and can’t get it anymore.
  • A relieving eye mask – Both for your skin and your sanity, eye masks can help you and your skin get some relaxation in. Since you only need to use your eye mask every so often, they tend to last a while, making them a great long-term investment. Ensure you’ve always got an eye mask on hand to defeat your puffy, sleepless eyes and give you that bright, sunshiney look – even if you’re feeling tired and stressed on the inside.

2-in-1 Essentials

Now more than ever, we’re in search of products and tools that will give us more bang for your buck. We want more than just 2-in-1 – we want at least 3-in-1 or more! This is the time to spend wisely and thoughtfully, so make sure you’ve got your eye on the stuff that is going to have the biggest effect for the best price.

Check out these multi-use products and tools to see what you’ve got to add to your list:

  • Alleyoop Multi-tasker – This 4-in-1 makeup brush allows you to do your whole face with one tool. Including a sponge and brush, this tool gives you everything you need to perfect your look. Not only does this tool save you money, it also saves you space – say goodbye to wading through a sea of brushes.
  • A combination vanity/makeup kit – Is organizing your makeup something you struggle with? Do you have a hard time finding a well-lit space? Are you constantly annoyed by the poor quality of your mirror? Well there’s a way to fix all three of those problems with one tool – a vanity travel case. You’ll have your makeup all in one place plus a well-lit, high quality mirror to use when applying your look. It’s definitely a bang for your buck tool that many people overlook.

Now that you’re stocked with all your 2020 makeup essentials, you’ll look great no matter what the rest of the year brings. 2020 can’t phase you – you’re well-equipped to handle whatever life throws at you and you’ll have a fresh face while doing it.