We all know that woman in our life that seems to have everything – beautiful clothes, the latest tech, every kitchen gadget imaginable! So how are you supposed to find a gift for the woman who has everything? That’s where we come in! We’ve curated a perfect list that covers a wide variety of unique gift ideas for the woman who has everything. Read on to find the perfect gift for the woman in your life!

gift for women who have everything

Silk Pillowcase

The benefits of a silk pillowcase are vast, and yet somehow they are often overlooked. So if the woman you’re shopping for is in that category of not-on-the-silk-pillowcase trend yet, it’s time to get her onboard! Silk pillowcases are great for both your skin and your hair. They help to minimize irritation and breakage as well as creating a soft and silky surface to rest your head. 

Bouquet Subscription

What better gift for women who have everything than a gorgeous bouquet of flowers? Well it actually does get better – give her the gift of a monthly floral subscription! That way, she’ll have gorgeous, seasonal flowers to display each month. It’s really the gift that keeps on giving (and giving and giving)!

Comfy Slippers

The woman who has everything might have fancy slippers, but does she have comfy slippers? A pair of plush slippers that envelope her feet will make her feel cuddled up and relaxed no matter what. She may not buy them for herself, but she sure will appreciate them once she has them.

Polaroid Camera

When thinking of gifts for the woman who has everything, a Polaroid camera is a fun and unique gift she probably doesn’t already have. And what better way to capture memories than with the instant satisfaction of an instant camera. She likely already takes pictures with her cellphone, and that’s not going anywhere, but a Polaroid will be an exciting new way to take pictures too.

Personalized Stationery

While digital communication is becoming the norm, and handwritten notes are becoming a thing of the past, they’re not gone quite yet. Gifting personalized stationery to the woman in your life is a great way to give something she’ll actually use and really appreciate. Plus, there are tons of beautiful designs to choose from to match her interests.

Hollywood Vanity Mirror

A makeup vanity is an incredible gift for women that have everything. They likely already have top-notch products and high-quality makeup tools, but if she doesn’t have the proper lighting and mirror to apply her makeup, then she’s really not getting the perfect application. Our Hollywood Vanity Mirror is not only something she’ll love, but it’s also something she’ll use everyday to perfect her makeup looks!

Weekender Bag

If the woman in your life is constantly on the go, she’s likely an expert packer. She’s got her carry-on locked down and her check-on luggage too, but does she have the perfect weekender bag for a weekend getaway? When looking for the ideal bag, be sure to find one with a separate compartment for her to pack her shoes so she can keep her clothes nice and clean.

Waffle Robe

What’s better than getting out of the shower and putting on a luxurious, high-quality robe? Nothing, that’s what. The woman in your life might already have a robe (or 3), but she could always use another, especially a waffle robe. A beautiful, cotton robe with a waffle pattern is not only lush but it’s also practical. Essentially, it’s the perfect gift for the woman who has everything!

Astrology Necklace

If the woman in your life is super into astrology, then there are tons of gifts to consider. But before you start your search, we know the perfect gift – an astrology necklace! She will love sporting her sign on a daily basis and showing off how much of a Leo she truly is.

Quality Olive Oil

Whether she’s a gourmet cook or a gracious hostess, she will love a high-quality olive oil. If she tends to buy her olive oil at the grocery store, then she may not know the amazingness that is really great olive oil. She can use it for cooking, for dips, on a charcuterie board, really the possibilities are endless! And we know that once she tastes good olive oil, she’ll never go back to the cheap stuff.

Candle Snuffer & Wick Trimmer

If she always has a candle lit in every room of the house, then this is the ideal gift for the woman who has everything. A candle snuffer and wick trimmer are two important tools that will help to extend the life of her candles. She may not know that she’s actually been blowing her candles out incorrectly all this time!

Wellness Journal

For a gift that will help the woman in your life to be mindful and present, check out a wellness journal. She can use this journal daily, weekly, or at whatever interval to take a small chunk of time out of her day to focus and center herself. This will help her to relax and be mindful in her crazy busy life.

Belt Bag

The woman in your life may have a closet full of fancy handbags, but one bag she might not yet have is a belt bag. A belt bag is a fun way for her to have all of her belongings easily accessible but also be able to run around town doing all of her errands. Plus, we’ve heard all the cool girls have ‘em so we might as well jump on the bandwagon!

Reusable Straw

One of the most unique gift ideas for the woman who has everything is a portable reusable straw. She’s surely found herself in a coffee shop where they only offer paper straws that disintegrate after a few sips. With her portable reusable straw, she’ll be able to have a sturdy straw in every drink she has.

Perfume Discovery Set

Does the woman in your life have a signature scent? Whether she’s worn the same perfume for the last 10 years or she’s constantly changing it up, she’ll love a perfume discovery set. That way they can try out a handful of new perfumes without having to buy a whole bottle. Plus she’ll feel like she’s a whole new woman with each and every scent!