No matter what age you are, getting presents for a holiday or birthday is always exciting. But giving gifts can be equally as fun! When you give someone you care about a personalized gift or one that you know they’ll enjoy or actually use, it’s a really nice feeling. In fact, it’s been said that the gift is more for the person giving it than it is for the receiver because it’s a great opportunity to show someone that you care.

Sometimes, however, finding the right gift for someone can feel like the most difficult task in the world. Well, if this friend of yours is a makeup artist or enthusiast, we’re able to help you out. Freedah Luxury has created the ultimate list for the best gifts for makeup artists so you can take the ball and run with it! 

Let’s get going!

Gemstone Face Roller

Looking for a good gift for makeup artists that screens elegance and luxury, almost to an Egyptian Pharoh level? Well, a gemstone face roller is exactly what you need. Most commonly made with Rose Quartz and Jade, these magical products not only soothe the face and reduce redness and puffiness but also have amazing health benefits. Pro Tip: Keep them in the fridge for a cool sensation!

Artis Gold Palm Brush

Another face and skincare product, the Artis Gold Palm Brush is a great choice for a unique gift for people who like makeup. If this being considered one of the best makeup brushes on the market today doesn’t convince you, you should know that Oprah gave this gift to all of her friends for Christmas last year. It’s also been featured on Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Allure, Elle, and Vogue. So, yeah, it’s the real deal.

gifts for makeup artists

Chanel Lipstick

When you think of a successful and stylish business woman who lives in Paris, what do you see? Probably a perfectly tailored outfit, a skinny cigarette in her hand, and brilliantly red lips. Well, you can give that feeling of power and grace to your friend with a classic Chanel Lipstick. At only $45, the Chanel Rouge Allure Lip Color will allow your friend to embody that perfect Parisian woman.

Luna Retinol Sleeping Night Oil

There’s nothing better than going to bed, feeling clean, pampered, and knowing that you’re going to wake up the next day feeling well-rested and beautiful. One of the best gifts to give a makeup artist will be this sleeping night oil from Luna so that they can feel like Sleeping Beauty.

Makeup Travel Case

Traveling can be a big source of anxiety for makeup enthusiasts. There’s always the risk that your eyeshadow will break and crumble or that your liquid foundation will explode with pressure in the airplane. But with a makeup travel case, like our specialized Vanity Travel Cases at Freedah Luxury, all of the makeup will receive an extra layer of protection and will have a much better chance of surviving the flights and long car rides.

Whether you choose to go with any of these items as a gift for people who like makeup or you choose to go your own way, it’s always going to be the thought that counts. If it’s something thoughtful, we’re sure they will love it regardless.

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