7 Makeup Packing Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Whether you’re packing for a vacation or preparing for a move, you need to be sure that your makeup is packed properly. Not only is it important to prevent your makeup from breaking or leaking during transit, it’s also important that you are strategic about which items you bring with you.

Not sure what to pack or how to do it best? We’re here to help! Check out our list of makeup packing hacks to make sure your makeup is safe and protected during your travels.

Avoid Spills and Leaks

When it comes to makeup packing ideas, the first thing that comes to mind is preventing spills and leaks. As air pressure changes on an airplane or items shift around during a drive, it’s easy for caps to loosen or products to open. It’s always a good idea to pack your makeup within plastic bags that can be zipped shut. That way, if any products do open, the plastic bag will contain all of the loose makeup without it leaking onto the rest of your luggage.

Another great way to secure caps and lids even further is to add a rubber band tightly around the product. It is possible for the rubber band to shift off during travel, so it’s important that you use a plastic bag in addition to the rubber band method.

Prevent Product Breakage

In addition to preventing leaks and spills, it’s also important that you make sure your makeup isn’t damaged, especially with compacts. The best way to ensure your pressed powders and eyeshadows are protected during travel is to stuff them with a cotton ball or swab. That way, there’s less chance of your makeup breaking as your luggage is bumped around in transit.

Prevent Packaging Breakage

Not only do you need to protect your makeup product, but you also need to protect the packaging it comes in. Glass bottles are notorious for cracking or breaking completely, so to prevent this, you can cover your glass bottles with bubble wrap. Before covering your products, be sure that all caps are tightly secured to prevent any leaking.

Padded Makeup Bag

One of our favorite travel makeup hacks is using a padded makeup bag. While it’s not as effective as wrapping individual products in bubble wrap, it can help to keep all products safe within your luggage.

It’s also a good idea to make sure your makeup bag is packed within the middle of your luggage. That way, your clothing can serve as a second round of padding to keep your makeup safe and protected.

Utilize Your Space

If you’re only taking a carry-on and don’t have an excess of space available to pack your makeup, it’s important to make the best use of your space. Whenever possible, packing travel-size products is ideal. Not only does this allow you to utilize your space and only bring what you need, it also protects your full-size products from the potential dangers of travel.

Transfer to Travel Containers

If you don’t have travel-size products, you can make your own! Buy a couple travel size containers and carefully transfer your products. This will allow you to bring only what you need. This can also be an effective way to avoid bringing glass packaging. If your makeup is in a glass bottle and you’re concerned about it breaking, transfer your product to a plastic container to keep your product safe and also reduce the amount of weight you’re carrying.

Multi-Use Products

Another one of our top travel beauty hacks is packing multi-use products. Any product that can be used for multiple things (like a combo cheek and lip stain or a moisturizer with SPF) allows you to save space. By bringing one product instead of two, you’ll be able to bring more of what you need or you can simplify and bring less!
Now that you know how to pack cosmetics for travel, it’s time to plan a trip! You can feel confident that your makeup is packed safely and securely and instead focus on the vacation ahead. And if you’re looking for something to safely pack your makeup in, check out our travel vanity cases. You can be sure your makeup will arrive intact, plus you’ll have impeccable lighting to apply your makeup once you arrive.