As your graduate is leaving college and heading off into the real world, she’s probably wrestling with a range of emotions – excitement at what lies ahead, sadness about leaving her friends, nervousness about entering the workforce, and a whole slew of other feelings. But now is a time for a celebration. So what’s the best way to celebrate her accomplishments and set her up for success in her next chapter? 

We’re counting down the top college graduation gifts for her so that you can find the perfect gift for the grad in your life. Whether you’re looking to commemorate her college years or gift her with something more practical, we’ll be able to help you find the perfect college graduation gift for her. Read on to find out more!

Air Fryer

As your graduate goes from the dining hall to the real world, she may need some help with cooking for herself. One of the best kitchen tools she can use is an air fryer. Not only are they easy to use, but there are also tons of recipes available that she can follow. Whether she’s a novice chef or a cooking connoisseur, an air fryer is one of the top college graduation gift ideas for her that she will be sure to use all the time.

Meal Kit Subscription

If the graduate in your life is still a little weary about cooking for herself and still needs to learn a thing or two, then a meal kit subscription is the perfect gift! A meal kit will show her exactly how to make healthy, exciting meals that she’ll not only love to eat but will love to cook them too! One of the reasons that meal kits make incredible college grad gifts for her is that they will help give her the confidence to cook more and more.

High Quality Sheets

Is your college grad still using the same dingy sheets that she maybe only washed a handful of times throughout her four years? If so, it’s time for new sheets. A set of high quality sheets is sure to change her life. Not only will it make her bed more comfy, but it may even help to improve her sleep! One of the reasons that sheets top the list of best college graduation gifts for girls is that they might not be something that she buys for herself, but a nice set of sheets is something that she will definitely use and love!

Jewelry Box

If the graduate in your life is a jewelry lover, then a nice jewelry box is a great gift for her to be able to safely store her jewelry without things getting lost or tangled. Look for one that goes with her existing style. For instance, if she’s got a more minimalist style, a lucite jewelry box might be perfect for her. Or perhaps she’s more of a bright and bold person, then you should look for a jewelry box in a fun color or interesting pattern. Whatever her style is, you’re sure to find the perfect jewelry box for her.

College Memorabilia 

As she leaves her college town and heads to a new city, she will likely be missing her college friends and the school environment. Luckily there is tons of great college memorabilia you can get to remind her of the good ol’ days. And don’t forget to look beyond the bookstore for this type of gear. Some of the top college graduation gifts for her are more unique college memorabilia items like a mug with a map of her college campus or cartoon version of her favorite pic of her and her college friends.

House Plant

Now that she’s graduated from college, moved out on her own, and is kicking butt in the corporate world, she’s proven she can handle a little bit more responsibility – the responsibility of being a plant mom! Find a nice indoor plant that doesn’t need a ton of attention. Plus there are tons of cute and fun pots you can put it in to match her style. Who knows, it just may become her new favorite hobby!

Makeup Vanity Travel Case

If she’s a makeup lover, then we’ve got the perfect college graduation gift for her. Check out our makeup vanity travel cases to find the perfect travel case for her. Whether she travels a lot for work or is just jetsetting for fun, this makeup vanity travel case will allow her to safely and securely transport all of her makeup while also giving her an incredible vanity mirror to apply her makeup all over the world. 

Work Bag

Another thing the graduate in your life will greatly appreciate is a work-appropriate bag that she can use to carry all of her work essentials. Look for one that can fit her laptop and charger as well as other daily essentials. This is certainly one of the best college graduation gift ideas for her because she is bound to use it everyday. For that reason, make sure it’s sturdy, well-made, and has good quality straps and zippers. Then, she’ll be ready to take on the working world!