Best High School Graduation Gifts for Her 2022

The young woman in your life is nearing the end of her high school career. After four years of academics, friends, football games, school dances, and a million other incredible memories, she is closing a chapter. So how do you commemorate four years of hard work, fun, growth, and so much more? That’s where we come in! We’ve got a list of the top high school graduation gifts for her that are bound to blow her away.

Our list of high school graduation gift ideas for her cover all the different types of young women you may be celebrating in your life. Whether she’s off to college, heading into the workforce, or jetting off to explore the world, we know the perfect high school graduation gifts for her! Read on to see the top gifts this year that the graduate in your life is going to love.

College Gear

If you’re wondering “What to get my daughter for high school graduation?”, then college apparel should top your list! High school graduates that are heading off to college love to show off the school they will be attending. While the university bookstore is a great place to buy college gear, it can often be more expensive. Look online for other options that may be a more reasonable price. Online retailers also often have cuter and more trendy options that your daughter will love!

Noise Canceling Headphones

Another item that tops the list of best high school graduation gifts for girls is a set of noise canceling headphones. Whether she’s going to college, traveling, or entering the workforce, noise canceling headphones will be extremely helpful for the graduate in your life. For college students, they’ll likely be spending lots of time studying in the library, so a pair of headphones can be really beneficial in increasing productivity. They can also be helpful when on public transportation or on a flight. Whatever path she’s taking, she is sure to love a set of noise canceling headphones.

Polaroid Camera

The high school graduate in your life is about to embark on an exciting journey of making new friends and tons of incredible memories, and what better way to capture those memories than with a Polaroid camera! She’ll love the instant gratification of having the pictures print out right away, plus she can plaster them all over the walls of her dorm room. It may seem kind of old school, but a Polaroid camera is definitely one of the best high school graduation gifts for her.

Coffee Maker

If she’s moving into a dorm room or her own apartment, then a coffee maker makes an amazing gift! Whether she’s got school or work, she’s bound to need some caffeine to kick start her day, so she’ll love having a convenient (and cost effective) way to get her coffee every morning. Be sure to check that her school allows coffee makers in the dorms before making this purchase though.

Portable Speaker

Whether she’s spending a sunny day on the quad or having friends over, a portable speaker is a high school graduation gift idea for her that she might not think to get for herself! Even better if you can find one that’s waterproof! Don’t worry about getting anything too fancy, as long as it can blast her favorite playlist, then she’ll be more than happy.

Photo Book

Once she moves out and settles into her new space, she may start to feel some homesickness creeping in. One way to help with that is by creating a photo book filled with all her favorite family and friends to remind her of home. She can flip through the photos and instantly feel the love from back home.

Tool Kit

One of the most practical and best high school graduation gifts for girls is a tool kit. She doesn’t need that many tools, just enough to be able to screw in a loose screw on her bed frame and other small projects like that. Whether you get a girly set that is pink and sparkly (yes, those do exist) or just a regular set from your local hardware store, she’ll be so grateful when she inevitably needs a Phillips head screwdriver!

Makeup Mirror

As the graduate in your life is heading off to college and meeting tons of new people, she will absolutely want to look her best. If you’re shopping for a makeup-loving high school graduate, then an LED makeup mirror will be a gift she not only loves but also uses on a daily basis! Dorm rooms are notorious for having terrible lighting, so she will be so grateful for a well-lit makeup mirror that allows her to achieve the perfect look every time!

Lightweight Suitcase

For the traveling graduate in your life, a lightweight but high quality suitcase is one of the best high school graduation gifts for her. Whether she’s off to travel the world or just heading to campus, she will absolutely need a great suitcase. It won’t be until that first time lifting it to put it into the overhead compartment, that she’ll realize how grateful she is to have a lightweight suitcase.

Fun Subscription Box

The last, but certainly not least, item on the list of best high school graduation gifts for girls is a fun subscription box. This is really the gift that keeps on giving! Whether her box comes monthly or a couple times a year, she will be so excited when it arrives! Another amazing thing about many subscription boxes is that it will allow her to try sample sizes of products so she can try them out before she decides to buy the full size. Whatever her interests are, there’s definitely a box out there for her!