As every makeup maven knows, good lighting is a key component to achieving the perfect glowing look. In fact, you could have the highest quality makeup and tools, but if your lighting is too harsh, too yellow, just overhead, etc. then you may end up with a poor makeup application.

So, how can you make sure that your makeup vanity lighting is up to par? With a Hollywood vanity mirror that’s how! We have a wide range of Hollywood vanity mirrors that not only illuminate your face from every angle, but they also look incredibly beautiful too! Why not add a functional mirror to your vanity that is also a gorgeous statement piece too.

If you’re not sure which of our luxurious Hollywood makeup mirrors is for you, then read on to see which one will be the perfect fit. Whether you’ve got ample space or just a small corner, one of our Hollywood vanity mirrors is sure to be the ideal addition to your space.

black Hollywood vanity mirror with lights

Frameless XL

The Frameless XL Hollywood Vanity Mirror is a modern take on a timeless classic. Channel Old Hollywood with this gorgeous mirror that is sure to add some glitz and glamor to any space. The lightweight aluminum body and accompanying detachable base make it so that this mirror can stand alone on your vanity or be hung up on the wall above.

In addition to looking beautiful, this mirror is extremely functional too! It is equipped with dual power outlets and USB ports so that you can plug in/charge whatever tools and devices you need. It also includes a Bluetooth sound system that allows you to play, pause, and change songs right from the front of your mirror. Plus, it provides the perfect lighting for your makeup application!

black Hollywood vanity mirror

Frameless Plus

The Frameless Plus Hollywood Vanity Mirror is similar to the XL, just larger. If you have a little bit more space to work with, then the Frameless Plus could be a great option for you. It comes in both black and white with a lightweight aluminum frame. 

The 12 custom-made energy efficient light bulbs that surround the mirror provide the perfect amount of light to illuminate your face from every angle. You’ll no longer have to deal with weird shadows or dim lighting as you apply your makeup. With the Frameless Plus, you can be certain that you’ll get the perfect application every time!

Round Frameless

The Round Frameless Hollywood Vanity Mirror is a modern take on the classic Hollywood mirror. Whether you’re a makeup connoisseur or new to beauty, the Round Frameless will be a stunning addition to your vanity. 

The Round Frameless features all the bells and whistles you can find in the Frameless XL and the Frameless Plus. You’ll be able to rock out to your favorite playlist while also applying a flawless, glowing look. Plus, have we mentioned how easy it is to change the brightness of your Hollywood vanity mirror? With just one touch you can change the brightness level of your lights making it easy to achieve the perfect lighting in seconds.

Stainless Steel Frameless

The Stainless Steel Frameless Hollywood Vanity Mirror is the last, but certainly not least, mirror to round out our collection. If you’re ready to give your vanity an upgrade then this is it! Instead of the aluminum frame, this mirror features a high-quality stainless steel frame that turns the luxe level up a notch. 

In addition to the one-touch brightness adjustment, the Bluetooth sound system, and the dual power outlets, the Stainless Steel Frameless features 14 energy efficient bulbs. This will give you the brightest glow out of all our mirrors and light up your face from every angle. With this much glow, you’re bound to achieve your perfect makeup look each and every time.

Now that you know all about our collection of Hollywood Vanity Mirrors, you’re sure to find the perfect Hollywood mirror for your space. Find out more about each mirror here!