Stuck on what to get the makeup connoisseur in your life? Not sure where to start when it comes to beauty Christmas gifts? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! 

A lot of women are very particular when it comes to their preferred beauty products. Whether they’re loyal to a brand, color palette, or type of product, it can be difficult to find a gift you know they’ll love. So we’re here to help! Check out our list of the best Christmas gift ideas for women to find the perfect makeup and beauty products for everyone on your list.

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High Quality Face Sunscreen

At the top of every woman’s Christmas list is to have a wrinkle-free complexion, and what better way to help her achieve this than with high quality face sunscreen. While this may not be at the top of every beauty gift guide, this is certainly at the top of ours and for good reason. Everyone in your life (including yourself) should be protecting their skin with sunscreen each and every day. So no matter who you’re shopping for, sunscreen is a great way to show them you love them and want them to protect their biggest organ – their skin!

Hair Mask

Another top item on the list of Christmas ideas for women is a hair mask. Applying a hair mask is a form of self care. It will allow that special someone in your life to take the time to pamper themselves and get luxurious, moisturized hair in the process! And if you want to take it a step further, find a hair mask that is made for their specific hair texture. 

christmas gift ideas for women
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Makeup Vanity Mirror

Our list of Christmas ideas for her would not be complete without a makeup vanity mirror. In fact, no list is complete without it! A lot of women are applying their makeup at a dimly lit vanity or in the harsh overhead lights in their bathroom. They settle for poor lighting without realizing that a high quality makeup mirror could make all the difference! Give the gift of good lighting and better makeup application this year. 

Jade Roller

With the amount of delicious food that we eat during the holidays coupled with the lack of sleep, it’s no wonder that many people get puffy during this time of year. A jade roller is the perfect gift for that person who needs to de-puff and de-stress throughout this holiday season.

Makeup Brush Set

While often overlooked, one of the best beauty Christmas gifts you can give is a set of new makeup brushes. We guarantee most women would hate to admit how long they’ve had their makeup brushes for. It’s one thing that we often forget to get ourselves, making it the perfect gift to give!

Makeup Brush Cleaner

And what’s a new makeup brush set without makeup brush cleaner to go along with it? Make sure that the woman in your life keeps the bacteria off her face and off her makeup brushes. Makeup brush cleaner is an essential item in every vanity, but unfortunately very few vanities actually have them.

Perfume Sampler

If you’re trying to figure out Christmas ideas for women and you’re just as indecisive as the woman you’re buying for, then this is the perfect gift idea! Get her a perfume sampler filled with a few different scents. That way she can try out a handful before choosing the right one for her. Or she may even want to wear them all on different occasions so she can feel new, exciting, and fresh with each new outfit and makeup look.

Body Scrub

Another self care item on our beauty gift guide is body scrub. When it comes to skincare, women often focus their attention on their faces only, leaving the skin on the rest of their bodies in the dust. So help that woman in your life remember that she needs to take care of the rest of her skin too! Plus, when you add a body scrub into your skincare routine, it can really help you to feel like you’re focusing on you and giving your whole body the love it deserves.

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Eyeshadow Palette

A classic when it comes to beauty Christmas gifts, the eyeshadow palette has long been a staple under the Christmas tree. Just because it’s an obvious choice does not mean you should shy away from it though. Everyone loves breaking into a fresh palette, trying out new color combinations and seeing what suits your complexion best.

Stocking Stuffers

And last but not least, don’t forget to stuff their stocking with all the beauty and makeup gifts they’ve been hoping for! Think smaller but just as useful items like sheet masks, silk scrunchies, luscious lip balms, and hand salves. When it comes to Christmas gift ideas for women, you can never go wrong with something that will help with the dryness and harsh weather this time of year, so keep that in mind too! Regardless of who you’re buying for and what products she’s loyal to, she will love every item on this list, so it’s time to do some Christmas shopping!