When you’re young, there seems to be an all-encompassing desire to be taken seriously and use makeup to make you look older. And then at a certain point, there’s a shift. That goal of using makeup to look older flips on its head, you actually are trying to look younger!

Unfortunately, there are certain makeup techniques that actually make you look older when you’re trying to look younger. If you’re one of those people thinking, “I look older with makeup”, then this article is for you! Read on to find out the makeup mistakes that age you and how you can fix them!

Thick Foundation

The most common makeup mistake that makes you look older is using thick foundation. Often people with fine lines will pile on the foundation thinking that it will fill in the lines and make them look smoother. Unfortunately, thick foundation tends to have the opposite effect and draws more attention to wrinkles and fine lines.

Instead of relying on foundation to cover up wrinkles, find a high quality primer. This will help to more effectively fill in fine lines and create a more even base for applying the rest of your look.

Lining Your Lower Lash Line

Recent trends in the past few years have really moved away from lining the lower lash line. In fact, even though unique and intricate eyeliner designs are currently all the rage, these designs tend to only involve the upper lash line. By lining your lower lashes, it actually makes your eyes look smaller.

One way around this is to use a neutral or light colored liner on your lower lashes. This will help to brighten your eyes and make them look larger, which serves as a way of making you look younger!

Not Filling in Your Eyebrows

Back in the day, you may have fallen victim to the thin eyebrows trend, and your eyebrows are still suffering the consequences years later. If that’s the case, then one makeup mistake you may be making (without even realizing it) is not filling in your eyebrows. 

There are tons of great tools to help you make your eyebrows look a little bit thicker and more natural. Grab an eyebrow pencil, gel, brush, or any combination of products that work for you, and take your eyebrows from thin to thick in seconds!

Too Much Eyeshadow

Another makeup mistake that ages you is using too much eyeshadow on your lids. Eyeshadow, when applied incorrectly, can cause your eyes to look weighed down and potentially more droopy than they actually are. 

A good rule of thumb if you want to avoid droopy eyelids but still make your eyes stand out is to avoid shimmer. While you may think that shimmery eyeshadow will draw attention away from wrinkles, it actually brings more of a focus to it. If you want your eyes to pop, try focusing more on your lash line instead. Curl your lashes, apply a few coats of mascara, and add a tiny bit of shimmer to your inner corners.

Bleeding Lipstick

Unfortunately, a makeup mistake that is synonymous with older women is bleeding or feathering lipstick. There are a couple key steps you can take to help your lipstick stay put and inside the lines of your lips.

First and foremost, don’t forget to exfoliate and moisturize your lips. Removing dry skin and keeping your lips moisturized creates a perfect canvas to apply your lipstick. Second, don’t skip the lip liner. While it may not seem like you need it, it really does serve as a barrier between your lips and the surrounding skin. The last option is to blot translucent powder on top of your lipstick to keep it in place.

Skipping Moisturizer

Similarly to your lips, the rest of the skin on your face holds makeup better when it is moisturized. Before you apply any foundation or concealer, be sure that you properly moisturize your face.

Moisturized skin will look less cakey once makeup is applied. It can also help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Even if you make any of the other makeup mistakes that age you, this is the most important one to keep in mind. Moisturizer is the key!

Now that you’ve got a good handle on the makeup that makes you look older and how to avoid it, you can feel confident in creating a youthful look that will last all day and all night! One important thing to remember when applying your makeup is that good lighting and a great mirror is key. Check out our line of makeup mirrors that will help you achieve the perfect look!