A makeup vanity desk is a tool of self-care. It gives you a space dedicated to making yourself look and feel good. But a cluttered vanity creates a cluttered mind and a cluttered mind makes it hard to truly relax. Organizing your makeup vanity is essential to maintaining that beautiful personal space and can also act as a de-stressing activity. 

We’re going to share with you our best tips on how to organize your vanity desk. Check it out!

Take Inventory

Before getting into the actual act of organizing your makeup vanity, you’ll need to take stock of what products you have. Empty out all of your drawers and bags and lay out all of your makeup in sections. Throw out any old makeup, wipe down the area, and write down or make a mental note of what you have. This will be essential in your strategizing for the layout and objects that you use to declutter. We want the end result of an organized makeup vanity to be something that is categorized so you can quickly find what you’re looking for, display it in a nice fashion, and also be able to easily clean up.

So what do you need to achieve this?

Organizing Trays

Whether you go with a cost-effective plastic bin or a dramatic glass tray, any portable compartment such as those are great ways to organize your makeup vanity. People tend to use their trays to hold their brushes and lipstick, although many people also use smaller trays to hold each individual category of makeup. As a general tip on how to organize your vanity drawers, keep like items together. It’ll make it easier for you when you’re on the hunt for a specific product.

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Leather Brush Holder

Who says you can’t be organized and stylish at the same time? With a classy leather brush holder, you’ll have a durable and sturdy display for one of your most important makeup application tools. We recommend setting it up against the mirror on the wall or on the side of your vanity, for easy access. The bonus of a leather brush holder is that you can easily transport your makeup brushes as well!

how to organize your vanity desk

A Magnetic Display

If you’re a crafty person and are wondering how to declutter your vanity, boy do we have a project for you! Attach magnets to your favorite makeup items and stick them to a magnetic display board, which could be easily made with a picture frame or purchased from a retailer online. This is one of our favorite ways to organize your makeup vanity as you can really go nuts with the decorating.

Repurpose Some Household Items

Time to channel your inner Pinterest mom. By raiding your pantry or kitchen, you can find a ton of surprising items to help you organize all your makeup products and tools. The most common of these are stand-alone spice racks, silverware organizers, ice cube trays, and even popsicle makers. The best part? It’s free of charge! You know we love a good deal, here at Freedah Luxury.

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