International Women’s Day, which happens every year on March 8, is a global day celebrating all the achievements of women. It is also a day that is focused on furthering women’s equality. This International Women’s Day, make sure that you make all the women in your life feel loved, appreciated, and celebrated.

But what’s the best way to show your appreciation to the women in your life? We know that gift giving can be difficult, so we’ve curated this list of our top International Women’s Day gift ideas. Read on to find the perfect Women’s Day gift for all the women in your life.

Bath Bomb

What’s the best way to celebrate your wife on International Women’s Day? By acknowledging all that she does for you and your family and gifting her with some well-deserved peace and quiet. Find a bath bomb in a calming scent so that she can have some rest and relaxation in the tub. This is one of the best International Women’s Day gifts you can give because it’s really like two gifts in one – a bath bomb and some time to relax and recharge!


While flowers may seem like a less special International Women’s Day gift, they’re still a really great way to show the woman in your life that you’re thinking of her and that you appreciate her. Flowers can also be a symbol of the beauty and vibrancy that she brings into the world!


If the woman in your life is not much of a bubble bath taker but is still in need of some relaxation, then one of the top Women’s Day gift options is booking her a massage. Chances are she’s got a lot of built-up tension that needs to be released, and a massage is the perfect bit of self-care that can help with that.

Indoor Plant

If the woman in your life is one of the lucky ones with a green thumb, then she’s sure to love a plant on International Women’s Day. A plant is a great way to honor all her incredible qualities, like her passion, her caretaking skills, and her time management.

Makeup Vanity

A strong woman is also a woman that takes care of herself, and what better way to help her do this than by gifting her a makeup vanity? A makeup vanity is one of the best Women’s Day gift ideas for the makeup aficionado in your life.

Framed Photo

Gifting the woman in your life with a framed photo of the two of you or your whole family will be a great reminder of why she does what she does everyday. It will remind her of her loved ones when she’s stressed or needs a little boost to keep going. She’ll love looking at it everyday!


Another great International Women’s Day gift idea is a journal. A journal will allow her to write down all her ideas, her goals and dreams, her to-do lists, and any thoughts she has.  

Inspirational Quote Calendar

One thing she’s sure to love is a daily calendar with an inspirational quote for each day. Not only will it help to inspire her each day, but it’s also something that she can use all year long, making it a fantastic Women’s Day gift.


To really honor the women in your life on International Women’s Day, make a donation in their honor to an organization that supports the advancement of women’s equality. This is one gift that really celebrates the true meaning of International Women’s Day.

Heartfelt Card

One of the best (and most cost effective) International Women’s day gifts is simply a heartfelt card. Tell her why you love her, tell her all the attributes you admire in her, talk about all the ways in which she’s changing the world. Not only will she feel seen, but she will also feel encouraged to keep being the incredible woman that she is!